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Security Cage Partitioning

Security Cage Solutions for Indoors and Outdoors

Teccon can provide a full turnkey solution for all of your Security Cage requirements

The strong and durable cages are constructed from all welded steel mesh, they are corrosion resistant.

The Security Cages are easy to install, but we can provide an installation service if required.  Each cage is provided with all fittings in a kit form.

The cages offer/can be used for:

  • Storing Valuable or Dangerous goods
  • Protecting Computer Servers
  • Bespoke solutions can be provided
  • Doors, including single/double sliding doors and/or single/double hinged
  • Ceilings can be provided
  • Variety of locking options available
  • Various panel combinations available including Mesh and Glass


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Security Cage Partitioning