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The Importance of SARI Inspections in 2021 due to Coronavirus

Posted by admin on January 19, 2021

Teccon Sari Inspections


As you've experienced for yourself, consumer purchasing habits changed throughout the pandemic, both through choice and necessity.

As the growth in ecommerce continued in 2020 with a busy Christmas period, an increase in warehouse activity, higher turnover of staff and key absences due to illness and isolation, Covid-19 has built the perfect storm for potential warehouse and racking damage.

What can we do

The SEMA Safety Regime

Even the highest quality storage systems eventually suffer from wear and tear and therefore regular inspections are essential, not only for the longevity of the product but also to utilise the maximum from your storage equipment.

SEMA's onion skin approach to rack safety requires 3 levels of overlapping inspections, immediate, regular and expert. Both the immediate and regular are managed by an appointed PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) within your company who will be Rack Safety Awareness trained and organise reporting on a day to day level.

Expert Annual Inspections

The expert inspection should be carried out by a technically trained and competent person i.e. SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI), a trained specialist within the organisation or a specialist from the rack supplier.

Make sure it's a SARI

A damage only inspection provides a list of damaged items and their location. It's OK as far as it goes whereas a full SARI report, offers far more.

It will check immediate and regular checks are being carried out adequately; check rack configuration, type and manufacturer and a general identification of components including a check of the accuracy of load notices. It also will identify repetitive damage and propose future solutions/modifications. Vitally, it will notify of any Red Risks present as classified by SEMA's unique traffic light risk categories.

Innovating for Safety & Simplicity

Applying a culture of safety and correct protocol for inspections is essential making sure your storage equipment is up to the required standard.


Instant Digital Damage Reports

Our unique reporting system means that as soon as the inspection is completed you will have the report on your email and a debrief can take place, discussing the findings and even going into your facility to visualise and discuss the issues first hand. Immediate action can be taken.

How it works

We've combined customer feedback and the latest SEMA requirements to evolve our tablet based damage reporting app to an all new level. It allows our inspectors to build a full report supported by photographs detailing issues and required actions. Our app even refers to previous inspections to recommend strategies to prevent recurring damage.

Detailed Reporting on the Go

During the inspection our fully qualified SEMA Inspector builds your report location by location. Full colour photographs are added to help you understand the exact nature of the problem and explanations of the issues are added along with advice on what to do next.

Reports designed around your needs

We've listened to our customers and our reports are still simple and easy to understand. Issues are recorded per location alongside red, amber, green classifications. This key improvement to traditional damage reports means no more by flicking backwards and forwards in over complicated and disjointed reports.

Understanding your Damage Report

As the full report is emailed as soon as the inspection is completed, a debrief will take place. We will discuss the findings and even going into your facility to visualise and discuss the issues first hand so you can take immediate action.

Carefully Documented and Delivered

The Teccon Digital Reporting System does away with paper reporting meaning there is no chance of paperwork being mislaid with potentially serious consequences. It's straight to your inbox before we leave the site. Being digital it is also much simpler to keep current and historical reports together.

Teccon SARI Rack Inspections

With our experienced and qualified SARI rack inspectors, Teccon will assess the condition of the storage systems, highlighting, documenting and ensuring all can operate in as safe environment as possible.

You will benefit from

  • National coverage on a local level
  • SEMA approved damage report will be with you before we leave site. This allows you to implement essential tasks immediately.
  • Debrief and discussions on the findings


Talk to us about a SARI Racking Inspection

If you are ready to move to a SARI inspection or you would like to discuss your warehouse damage prevention strategy our experts would welcome a chance to talk. Call us on 0247 632 2880 or email us at projects@tecconltd.co.uk


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