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Mobile Shelving Systems for Retail, Archive and Stockrooms

Posted by admin on October 13, 2020

Mobile Shelving Solutions for Retail Archive and Stockroom

Small spaces and lots of items. It's a familiar problem to retail, archive and warehouse planners.

A simple solution. Tightly packed racking and static shelving?

Why not... It’s cheap and quick to install. If you’re content with shelving repairs and replacements, breakages, injury and theft, then go for it.

A better solution. Mobile racking and shelving.

Often undervalued and overlooked, mobile racking and shelving should be your first consideration as a cost effective long term, flexible solution for optimising smaller storage and warehouse spaces.

The ultimate solution to store large volume of items

Mobile shelving is far more efficient in comparison to static shelving and racking. In short, it doesn't occupy a lot of space allowing shelves to be compacted together, freeing space whilst facilitating easy use.

Key reasons to go mobile

Hi280 Mobile Shelving Systems

Double the capacity

It saves up to 50% of floor space, meaning double capacity and optimal use of floor space.

More capacity means more items stored in a more ordered manner.

Alternatively if the additional storage is not needed then the extra floorspace can be repurposed for other uses.

Easy to use – Faster and Safer

Mobile shelving allows users to locate items quickly and with ease.

This significantly reduces the time needed to retrieve or add items, boosting workplace productivity and preventing strain on individuals.

Mobile shelving systems have quiet, smooth running systems making them extremely easy to operate, typically through the use of a hand crank.

Secure and Stable

One of the main negatives of static shelving or racking is the difficulty in protecting the items and the shelving itself.

By its nature, mobile systems are solidly constructed and shield the majority of the items inside. This protects the contents and the system itself from unwanted exposure and limits structural damage.

Mobile racking units are particularly well suited to keep safe heavy objects. Traditional shelving and racking exposes all items to potential accidental and intentional unwanted attention. A simple knock or attempt to move an item can easily result in injury to a team member or damage to the item. By safely storing these items away these touchpoints are reduced.

Mobile Shelving for Archives

Increased Safety

With Mobile Shelving, safety is key

Mobile shelving reduces the distance required to transfer items as shelves are compacted together, encouraging safe use practices, which in turn reduces the chances of collisions and accidents.

There is also less potential for items to fall off of shelves or be pushed from one side to the other, again preventing breakages and injuries. Reduced risk to the team and items themselves.

Increased Efficiency

Having an organised stockroom or archive solution can add or detract from a businesses ability to operate efficiently.

Mobile racking helps to create space, providing options for optimising your business, being able to repurpose previously unclaimed areas for more storage or in other beneficial ways.

Our storage solutions have many benefits for both your team and space. We understand that retail and archive storage are constantly growing and changing and that there is a need for flexible and adaptable storage solutions. This is why we are always looking for ways we can help people with their storage solutions.

What next?

Be sure to stay in touch with your racking supplier for advice on issues you may come across and take extra steps to make sure you are making the right decision for your business.

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