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Vertical Lift Storage Saves Time and Space

Posted by admin on July 13, 2017

Over 2/3 of operators' time at work is spent either retrieving or transporting stored goods. Picking operations account for up to 55 percent of warehousing costs and therefore highly efficient warehousing is necessary to provide a competitive advantage.

Traditional shelving system based small parts storage for manual search and picking uses a lot of floor space. Condensing small parts storage using a vertical storage system can save up to 70% savings in space whilst providing the same storage capacity.

What we did

An engine and transmission specialist needed to move their small parts store for engine components to a new location within their premises, but needed to keep the space taken to a minimum. We recommended a Tornado Vertical Lift System.

The Tornado lift storage system was planned and designed by Teccon to suit the existing and extra components due in as part of a companywide restructuring project. 6 runs of Pallet Racking to make use of the now available area complimented this.

This resulted in a Tornado Lift System was 4.45m wide, 3m deep and 7.7m high, limited in height only by the ceiling with storage trays measuring 4m x 0.82m.

This reduced the required floor space from 100sqm to just 13.5sqm.

Tornado Vertical Lift Storage System

How it has helped

The engine specialists have enough space floor space to bring back into their central stores, spare parts from other centres, reducing their overall stock holding of components across their nationwide service centres and reducing their tied up capital.

Benefits to operator efficiency have been gained through minimised operator search and picking. Order throughput times have benefitted as well with increasing accuracy and reduced picking errors. A key factor in this was the ergonomic design, simple user interface and short operator training necessary.

As an additional benefit to the installation of the Tornado system, the customer now has capacity to store refurbished or soon to be worked on engines, allowing them to expand that side of the business.

What next?

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