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Medium Span Shelving Systems

Medium Span shelving is often used for creating multiple pick locations and is suitable for larger or heavier products which are preferably stored on chipboard shelves. For this purpose we developed the Medium Span shelving option.

Many parts and accessories from the standard shelving range are also suitable for Medium Span shelving. This makes these two shelving systems very compatible and they can easily be combined with each other.

The Medium Span shelving system is assembled just like the standard shelving system and has the same features and accessories, therefore they are just as suitable as standard shelving for both static shelving or mobile shelving.

Medium Span can also be used as the basis for applying carton flow systems or in a similar way to standard shelving for multi-tier applications.

The inlay shelves are standard 18 mm chipboard, but custom sheet metal or steel shelves are also available.


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Medium Span Shelving Systems