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Multi Tier Shelving

What is a Multi-Tier Shelving?

Teccon's multi-tier shelving system with an interposed mezzanine, is a construction of shelving built in to two or more levels. The bottom shelving is the support for the mezzanine floor. The uprights are heavy duty and dimensioned in order to carry the loads from the floor above. Shelving built as a multi tier installation is often used in larger warehouses for spare parts or where the storage of many articles is required often with a low turnover. 

The base of a multi-tier installation is the shelving itself, built of EK uprights made of 1.2 mm pre-galvanized steel. The uprights can be either full length, where they support both levels of shelves and the access walkway, or single, when they support the lower shelves and a mezzanine with free standing shelving units above.

Multi Tier Shelving for Improved Storage

Multi tier shelving provides better storage capacity than standard shelving on the ground floor with a structural mezzanine floor above and more shelves on top, this is because there is no need for pillars to support the second floor tier (this is supported on the static shelving units). Due to the relatively slim steel grid floor a second level is often possible, where normally a thicker mezzanine floor construction could preclude it. The thinner floor also allows for an additional level of storage to be included.

Cost Efficient Multi Tier Mezzanine Shelving 

There is a very substantial cost saving on the construction costs for a multi-tier construction when compared to standard shelving on two floor levels plus a mezzanine floor, as a separate floor does not need to be purchased and the floor and shelving are all built as one, saving manpower and time. Along with the additional extra storage space, multi–tier shelving installations can often become the most economical choice.


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Multi Tier Shelving Systems