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Teccon were very helpful with the designs, listening to our particular problems before designing a high capacity system for us.

Automotive Interior Storage

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A leading top tier automotive interiors supplier, who manufacture a full range of flooring and acoustic systems to block and absorb road and structural noise, and reduce engine noise in the interior, (including dash insulators, rear package trays, floor mats, engine side acoustic insulators and trunk trim), needed the maximum storage capacity for the storage of raw materials used in the manufacture of their carpets and interior trims, in the Goods-In section of their new warehouse in the Midlands, UK.


A storage solution was required to store a mixture of raw materials, from rolls of raw fibre 2m long and 800mm in diameter, to boxes of materials 2m x 2m x 1m on special pallets and even leather hides on frames. Due to this being a Goods-In area and the items needing to be stored required putting away, as they are taken off the delivery lorry, so access to the locations was important. Aisle width was important as the forklift truck with a 2m spike needed to be able to insert or retrieve the 2m rolls and still have space to manoeuvre


Teccon designed a triple frame Pallet racking structure that could hold both the rolls of fibres and the odd sized boxes, with the leather or other items stored on the floor at the bottom of each bay. The triple frames allow the rolls to be supported in the middle of their length by a third horizontal beam. Whilst a high first beam level left space for the leather or other tall items stored on pallets. Some levels were timber decked to support the oversized boxes and a separate area was created for the storage of smaller unpalletised boxes. This design has helped to store these awkward sized items and has a 20% extra capacity.


P90 pallet racking Frames:
Triple frames 1800mm deep back to back
Varying widths up to 3.3m wide
3.5m wide


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