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Our automotive solutions are based on our shelving system, which makes it easy to integrate the various storage accessories for different components into a single storage solution that corresponds with your needs.


Our storage system can be assembled in countless ways making it easy to change, adjust or expand. For larger scale automotive situations, such as a central warehouse for spare parts and automotive accessories, pallet racking might be more appropriate.

Solutions can be configured in different ways such as multi-tier versions or placed on mobile bases to best optimise your space. Sometimes the right solution will be an automated one, based on a storage machine, or a combination of a machine and shelving. Read more about products.

Take advantage of our experience, knowledge and our variety of products and together we can create a solution that fully supports your business!

  • Complete range of specialised automotive accessories for perfect business support
  • Fully compatible with our standard systems for excellent variability and scalability
  • Customer oriented approach with experienced advisors to find best solution for your needs



Cold Storage

Cold storage warehouses poses the special challenge to maintain the right temperature in an energy efficient way to keep costs down. With minimizing the footprint and maximizing the storage density this will reduce costs.

Our solutiuons at Teccon ensure high product density will give the best results in your cold store.

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Save space
  • Cut costs
  • Operates down to -30°C

At Teccon we have the following solutions suitable for Cold Storage:



Food and Drink

Even in the most modern warehouse for Food and Drink, standard pallet racking is still the most common form of storage. With the versatility of this pallet racking system, it means this can be assembled in a single or double deep configuration, to fit your specific storage needs.

Food Storage

  • Adjustable system
  • Heights of up to 30m
  • Variable depths and widths
  • Suitable for the storage of all kinds of Food and Drink
  • 50mm beam height adjustment
  • Operational temperature from -30°C to +40°C
  • Galvanized finish which prevents rust even at low temperatures

Food and Drink is generally packaged in some way which can then be easily stored on pallets. Depending on the layout of your warehouse, a range of aisle widths are possible to maximise your available space. Racking is not generally subject to any restrictions in layout and provides accessibility at all times to your goods.

Find out more about Pallet Racking



E – Commerce – Optimise Storage for your Environment

Meeting short delivery times and responding to the service levels of customer’s demands.


The level of online shopping is growing each year. Businesses now need to offer short delivery times, have a low error rate and provide excellent service levels. Traditional retailers and new online businesses are challenged to have a sales process and storage method to meet these demands and their customers’ high expectations.

Simple, streamlined ordering procedures are essential for your business to be successful. The E-commerce industry requires storage solutions that can easily adapt to changes in demand in terms of volume and stock profile whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with this fast market place. 

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