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Warehouse Safety

How safe is yours?

There are hidden dangers in a warehouse such as damaged racking, unsuitable rack protection, missing parts or untrained staff. Some hazards are easier to spot, but there are many that are hidden and the consequences of taking no action can be catastrophic.

Teccon provide a comprehensive range of services that can help you prevent the above. Being established since 1985 our experience is used in consulting and advising many of our customers with their businesses, no matter how big or small. Whether a scheduled rack inspection is required or a rack repair, support throughout the year or a training seminar for your staff, look no further than Teccon

Need help?

  Protection barriers

If you have a warehouse that needs a racking inspection, protection barriers or have an immediate problem that you would like some help with you can contact our team by phone or email.

  Request a rack inspection

Booking a rack inspection is just a few clicks away. Make sure that your warehouse meets the required legislation and spot damage early.

SEMA approved rack inspectors

SEMA Approved rack inspection

Teccons inspectors are SARI certified by SEMA


How safe is yours?