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Technology Logistics

Technology Logistics
Consulting, Product Solutions, Delivery and Installation, Warehouse Safety


The logistics company required a picking facility for their client, a well known global technology company in the UK.  This would allow the logistics company to bring their client’s products over to the UK in bulk and have them dispatched to customers from the UK rather than from the technology distribution centre in Europe.


Teccon Ltd were required to take down some existing pallet racking at the logistics facility in the Midlands and to install a two tier Dexion Hi280 shelving system. This was completed by Teccon, on budget and on time in just two short months.

Once the existing pallet racking had been removed, the installation of the two tier picking facility could begin. This had to be completed while work continued around them, for this was a 24/7 handling facility for other products too.

It took just one month to erect and commission the Dexion Hi280 shelving including the installation of all the electrics and sprinkler systems.

The two tier mezzanine floor installation has been designed and constructed in such a way as to be able to add a third floor if necessary without retrospective works to the bottom levels.

The overall size of the picking facility is 15m x 25m and on two floors, with the possibility for a third floor.

The goods are delivered to the picking facility on normal pallets where they are broken down and placed on the shelves.

A pallet gate was installed for this purpose on the upper level and conveyors, also fitted by Teccon, take picked deliveries down to the ground floor for despatch.

List of project tasks

  • Dismantle existing racking
  • Install Hi280 shelving
  • Install electrics
  • Install sprinklers
  • Install conveyors
  • Install protection barriers
  • Install lighting
  • Install pallet gate on upper level
  • Testing and commissioning



Hi280 Shelving (Multi-Tier)
Protection Barriers


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