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We looked at various ways to store all of our spare parts, but when Teccon suggested the Tornado storage machine it seemed to solve all our space problems. Before this we didn’t know how we were going to store our existing stock plus the returned items from our depots.

Now we have spare capacity in this warehouse to store refurbished or soon to be worked on engines, thus enabling us to expand that side of our business too.
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Engine & Transmission Specialist

Pallet Racking, Timber decking, Labelling and Tornado

A North Midlands engine and transmission specialist needed to move their small parts store for engine components to a new location within their premises, but needed to keep the space taken up to a minimum and so chose a Tornado Storage Machine.


The engine components and spare parts store, which was previously held in a range of Slotted Angle shelving units and storage bins and was originally located on a mezzanine floor above the service area. This needed to move into another building. However, space in the new building was also going to be required for the storage of engine blocks and larger components that were to be stored on pallet racking.

Slower moving lines from the outlying depots were also being consolidated into this new facility, so more storage space for components was actually required than in their original store. In the future they also expected to be handling more orders from this main site, dealing with mail order and a trade counter adjacent to the storage machine.


To save space, Teccon, the Dexion Distributor working with engine and transmission specialist on the project, suggested using a Dexion Tornado Vertical Storage Machine. Now, in a floor area of just 4.45m x 3m, the company is able to store their entire parts stock, which previously took up an area of approximately 100m2 on old Slotted Angle shelving and to also have enough space to bring back into their central stores, spare parts from other service centres around the country.

This will enable the parts department to reduce their overall stock holding of components across their nationwide service centres and thus reduce their tied up capital. They will also be able to efficiently deal with any mail order enquiries, picking the parts quickly and accurately with the help of the storage machines software.

Within the rest of the warehouse Teccon were then able to supply and install Dexion's fully galvanised P90 pallet racking for the storage of engine blocks and larger parts.


Tornado Storage Machine:
4.45m wide x 3m deep x 7.7m high, storage trays 4m x 0.82m
P90 Pallet racking:
6 runs of racking each 6m high with Pick and Drop beams at the end
Timber decks, Labelling


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