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Our customer benefitted from a standard wide aisle racking solution with timber partitioning, allowing more activity and improving picking productivity. Designed to meet nothing less than your precise needs, our pallet racking systems are versatile whatever your requirements.

Racking Partitioning for Improved Split Case Picking

Consultation, Product Solutions, Lighting, Installation

A multinational bathroom and sanitary ware company with ageing Narrow Aisle Racking required a new storage solution after identifying a need for improved warehouse productivity.

Teccon were asked to consult and design a solution for better utilisation with a focus on optimising opportunities for pickers to access products and ultimately increase output of the warehouse.

After taking volumetrics and analysing the business objectives, we proposed reconfiguring the area with Wide Aisle racking to allow more pickers to operate in each aisle. We maximised the packing this further with improved segregation of each bay allowing more products to be accessible at any one time.


The current Narrow Aisle Racking had become unfit for purpose. Driven by e-commerce sales, an increase in smaller orders required more pickers to access split pallets at any one time. The Narrow Aisle model of densely packed complete pallets had become less effective.

In addition, the Narrow Aisle solution did not allow much light to enter the area from above resulting in dark and dingy environment, a poor environment to work in which slowed the picking process further.


Improved Utilisation

Our engineers took the volumetrics and consulted with the client on current and projected demand. We designed a Dexion P90 pallet racking system with standard Wide Aisle to a height 15.3m high with each run being 22 bays long resulting in over better utilisation of the given area. Combined with improved stock management this resulted in more lines being available than the old dense, less accessible racking.

Better Segregation

The Dexion Pallet Racking solution centred on a well tried and test system, bulk above, pick below model. Understanding the product and the nature of their business we also recommended and installed timber pigeonholes along the lower tiers of racking. This allowed each bay to be compartmentalised and maximised split stock options for pickers.


We made further improvements by adding new LED high bay lights along the length of each aisle creating a better working environment.

The requirements on modern warehousing are ever changing. This project was an excellent example of how a change in sales habits contribute to the need for continual optimisation to maximise opportunities and promote growth.

Delivering consistent quality throughout, our proven systems, client communication and dedication to client operational needs demonstrate exactly why Teccon continue to receive the customer confidence needed to be the first choice for storage solutions and reconfiguration projects such as this.


Dexion P90 Standard Wide Aisle Racking –15.3m high
Timber Pigeonhole Decking
LED High Bay Lighting


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