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Tornado Vertical Lift Storage System

Year on year Teccon help businesses to become more efficient and more productive with their stock. One element that we can do this is by providing the Dexion Tornado storage machine in every type of business, which not only offers long-term solutions, but efficiency in picking along with a short ROI.

What is the Tornado Vertical Lift?

Tornado vertical lift machines increase floor space capacity and handling efficiency, both in picking and replenishing, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to its ingenious lifting device, the servo-operated automated storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and silent. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling the small items in your warehouse or shop.

Picking from a Tornado could not be easier. Orders can be sent to the machine via the customers WMS or by entering a product code. This can be done manually or by using a bar-code reader proving time and efficiency is a key benefit of the machine. Thanks to its ingenious lifting device, the automated storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and silent. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling items of various sizes in your environment.



Simple Systems Integration

The Dexion Tornado uses a versatile PC based control system which offers integration advantages over other machines.

Tornado TCPlus Machine Control runs on an industrial PC enabling several benefits compared to the traditional PLC and logic-based storage automates.

Clear high-resolution graphics on a big colour monitor come as a standard. Programs run on Windows operating system, the user interface is common to everyone today.

Tornados can easily be connected to a local area network and several machines can be connected together.

Remote support can be used enabling service to help the customer without needing to travel to the site, making it simple for customer to get help within minutes.



Key Benefits


Increased Productivity

The Tornado's speed both horizontally and vertically offers extensive storage and rapid retrieval making packing faster, serving the operator in the most ergonomic way.


Easy to use interface is simple to use and tailor to each customer’s needs making it extremely versatile.


The system's intelligent engine attempts to place popular active trays close to the retrieval point. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products.


The Tornado has password-protected access levels for added security and offers safe and secure storage for your small parts handling.


The clear and straightforward structure makes the system extremely reliable and therefore cheap to maintain.

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Tornado Installation for Engine Components

Increased Floor Space

We transformed a 100sqm slotted angle shelving components store to a space of just 13.5sqm with the Tornado. As well as automating and speeding up the picking process for mail orders it enabled the vacant floorspace to be recycled, bringing back into central stores, spare parts from other service centres around the country.

Where can it be used

The Tornado Vertical Lift System brings many improvements to storage and picking. It can be customised in depth and width to fit your requirements and can range from 4m to 15m in height.

We now have spare capacity in this warehouse to store refurbished or soon to be worked on engines, allowing us to expand that side of our business too.
Vertical Lift Storage for small parts


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