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Designed to meet nothing less than your precise requirements, our Cantilevers are exceedingly versatile whatever your work environment, and with no front uprights, all levels are available to forklifts.

Cantilever Racking for Long Material Storage

Consultation, Product Solutions, Warehouse Safety, Installation

A multinational perimeter security and access control company, after business growth in the UK and European territories, required a turnkey solution in their brand new warehouse.

Building on a long-term relationship with the Teccon team, we were asked to provide a solution focussing on the storage of awkward raw materials such as the steel rods for security fences.

After a comprehensive proposal and consultation with the MHE the project was secured with a combination of cantilever racking, shelving and warehouse safety features.


The key challenges for this project were the convenient storage of awkward raw materials. The nature of security perimeter products; fences to protect important locations such as electricity sub-stations; require steel rods and other heavy items like wire coils.

Our design focussed on the smooth transition from transport to storage, moving the heaviest and most awkward items the shortest distance. After assessing the materials we proposed bespoke racking locations for each product type with mesh and timber decking or ‘chocks’ for storing coils of wire.

In addition to the there was the requirement for storage of components situated next to an assembly area and floor markings were added throughout the warehouse to delineate and allow for the safe movement of workers.

Cantilever Racking

Well known for their suitability to store long or awkward items cantilever racking was the natural choice. We specified and installed heavy duty Cantilever racks consisting of 5 levels, the first 2 being timber decked with mesh for the upper 3 giving the client flexibility to manage an ever changing stock profile. The upper tiers of mesh decking is perfect for bulky items and the lower timber decks allows smaller items to be picked.

Storage for
Coils (up to 700mm dia.) - 45 locations
4 metre x 1.2 pallets bays for steel rods – 60 locations
Standard pallets – 44 locations


For the access control side of the business, parts we assigned storage within 41 bays of subdivided Dexion HI20 shelving. Complete with 6 full height dividers per bay and mesh partitioned for stock control, all located next to an assembly area.


From start to finish on-site we had installed this turnkey solution for the client, within 2 weeks on schedule and ready for the new stock to arrive in preparation for the move. This £90k client investment will ensure that business growth can continue in the UK and EU markets in line with company objectives.

Delivering consistent quality throughout, our proven systems, client communication and dedication to client operational needs demonstrate exactly why Teccon continue to receive the customer confidence needed to be the first choice for storage solutions and expansion projects such as this.


Cantilever Racking Coils (up to 700mm dia.) - 45 locations
Cantilever Racking 4 metre x 1.2 pallets bays for steel rods – 60 locations
Cantilever Racking Standard pallets – 44 locations
Shelving 41 Bays of 1000 x 450 x 2100 deep with 6 full height dividers per bay
Troax Mesh Partitioning


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