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It has been calculated that a storage machine can save up to 75% floor space, reduce picking errors along with decrease picking times. The most efficient way of using our storage machines is to have article management included with the machine using our own TCPlus software. This Windows based platform can be easily linked with your existing WMS or ERP system so that the Machine becomes an extension of your network.

Tornado Lift Vertical Storage Machine for Small Parts

Consultation, Product Solutions, Vertical Storage Machines, Installation

A luxury automotive manufacturer looked to improve their existing small parts storage, put to tender the opportunity for a partner to consult on, design and install a vertical storage system.

After a comprehensive proposal, Teccon secured the competitive tender with the versatile Tornado Vertical Storage Machine. The Tornado's superior usability and the ease of integration being key in the customers decision making process.


Vertical Storage Systems are becoming increasingly popular not only in the traditional warehouse settings, but further more to the ecommerce market. Their ability to store, retrieve and replenish large amounts of small parts in a concentrated space, all through a semi or fully automated interface both reduces the footprint in the warehouse and minimises manpower requirements.

The machines ability to accurately pick and present small parts faster than workers on foot, combined with precise stock control and instant reports make the decision to move to vertical storage a wise investment.

Our customers' existing small parts solution, due to expansion of in production, needed revising so this was the moment to consider a solution for the long term.

About the Tornado

Teccon recommend the Tornado Vertical Storage Machine because of its versatile configuration and simple installation options. Truly bespoke in scalability the Tornado also shines as a windows based system allowing it to integrate more easily than other PLC based vertical storage machines.

Thanks to its ingenious lifting device, the servo-operated automated storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and silent. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling the small items in a warehouse or shop.

Picking from a Tornado could not be easier. Orders can be sent to the machine via the customers WMS or by entering a product code. This can be done manually or by using a bar-code reader proving time and efficiency is a key benefit of the machine. Thanks to its ingenious lifting device, the automated storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and silent. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling items of various sizes in your environment.


Maximising the available footprint we designed a storage machine 4.5m wide, 3m deep and 4.5m high. allowing us capitalise on the space available in the warehouse.

From tender to completion we had consulted, designed, installed and gave training to the customer within 10 weeks. This £60k client investment will enhance productivity in the production of cars and releases space to optimise usage of the warehouse.

Delivering consistent quality throughout, our proven systems, client communication and dedication to client operational needs demonstrate exactly why Teccon continue to receive the customer confidence needed to be the first choice for storage solutions and expansion projects such as this.


Tornado Vertical Storage Machine
24 shelves 4000 x 820mm supporting a UDL of 500kgs
Integrated to the end users WMS


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