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Choosing the Right Warehouse Storage Partner

Any business is only as good as its partners and suppliers. After all, how can you offer a first-class service to your customers if your transport company or manufacturing supplier lets you down?

And your storage supplier is no exception. Work with an inferior company and your productivity will suffer. Choose the right storage and shelving systems partner and you’d be amazed at how much this can transform your service offering to your clients. The positive impact of this on your business can be significant.

At Teccon we help our clients achieve tangible business objectives through the efficient implementation of pallet racking, office storage, and industrial shelving solutions, such as:

  • Decreasing overheads
  • Maximising productivity
  • Improving turnaround times
  • Increasing profitability

Ask the right questions

Any company can tell you they’re great at what they do. But how do you know they can deliver? There are 4 key areas you should consider when looking for a professional and reputable storage and racking provider


Check to see if the storage and racking products are certified. Not only do we have the largest range of storage products from one source, but all of our storage and racking solutions are fully accredited by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) and the Storage Installation Engineers Registration Scheme (SIERS).


To offer first class service you have to have knowledge, experience, and expertise – and the right attitude.Find out how long the company has been business, look for reviews on their service, and grill them about recent projects and their experience. We have a wealth of experience – just check out our case studies – as well as dedicated teams who focus on discrete and specialist elements of the process, from design, planning, and installation through to project management, technical support, and maintenance.


To be in the business of helping clients improve productivity and reduce overheads a supplier has to work incredibly efficiently.We have devised a unique 3 step plan to ensure we deliver racking and storage systems on time, on budget, and to our incredibly high quality standards.


We review our client’s business objectives, undertake a detailed site analysis, and recommend solutions that will meet their needs and overcome any particular challenges they may face.


Every single storage, racking and shelving solution we provide is made to order at the Dexion manufacturing site in Germany, resulting in precise, bespoke, and durable steel storage solutions.


This phase can take several months for some of our larger operations, and so it has to be planned effectively to ensure disruption is minimised and productivity maximised throughout the process. This phase may involve removing old structures or reconfiguring existing ones to make the most of the existing space, as well as installing additional custom-made requirements. Depending on the site and the requirements of the project, some sections may be pre-built off-site and moved into position only when needed.


We are always seeking ways to enhance our clients’ productivity and have a range of products available to help with this, from mobile pallet racking and pallet flow solutions to vertical carousels and drive-in racking.


If you would like to know more about Teccon and our pallet racking and storage solutions please get in touch with us on 0247 632 2880 or

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