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How to Tackle 3 Key Challenges with your Warehouse Storage

Warehouses continuously face challenges bought about by changes in the industry itself and the wider global landscape. 

Being able to correctly identify the challenges and problems and finding the most efficient solution can help to maximise productivity and cost-effectiveness.

With that in mind, let’s look at 3 key challenges with warehouse storage and some possible solutions

Non-standard Pallet Sizes


Traditional pallet racking is designed to accommodate GKN and Euro pallets.

More recently, pallets arrive in different shapes and sizes, made to suit products or on a more ad-hoc basis – driven by suppliers to keep cost to a minimum. Warehouses have very little control over this, thus the non-standard pallets cannot be stored safely on the standard racking. This can lead to pallets taking up valuable floor space.


Once the problem is identified, pallet racking can be designed and installed with decking, accommodating odd-shaped pallets safely – optimising the use of space in your warehouse, ensuring the safety of operatives and improving efficiency.

Limited Space


In addition to the challenges mentioned above with non-standard and odd-shaped pallets taking up floor space – as we know, supply chain challenges are forcing many warehouses to stockpile goods and materials – leading to further issues with space. 

In many cases, putting in additional pallet racking or shelving may not be an option due to limited space – forcing overflow stock onto the floor or costly investments in additional warehousing.


Installing a mezzanine level can provide you with valuable additional space that is versatile enough to be adapted to a range of storage solutions.

In contrast to simply building on top of existing racking – which only gives you limited storage options – a mezzanine level can allow for a wider variety of options, not just storage but, packing, fulfilment and offices among others. This opens up valuable space whilst maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of your main warehouse floor.

Optimised Space


It may seem that this problem is closely related to the one above – but having limited space and having space which isn’t properly optimised for the type of products and materials you are storing are very different problems.

It’s common for warehouses to be using more traditional or legacy storage solutions which have been adapted to newer types of products or components over time – meaning that potentially newer and more innovative solutions have been overlooked.


One particular area where space and storage can really be optimised is small parts. Small parts can be stored in vertical storage machines.

These are automated storage solutions that take up a fraction of the space of traditional shelving and racking – in a project for one customer, we transformed 100sqm of shelving into 13sqm with the help of a vertical storage machine. These machines are servo-operated allowing for rapid picking and replenishing, therefore greatly increasing productivity and efficiency as well as allowing for better use of space along with reducing overhead costs.


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