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e-Commerce Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

Posted by admin on May 18, 2018

Ways to increase ecommerce warehouse storage and efficiency without automation

The last decade has seen the exponential rise of online shopping, a trend that’s certain to continue. As demand for online selling increases, so too does the need for effective storage solutions in e-commerce warehouse and storerooms. The ability to adapt racking systems to accommodate the fast turnaround of stock and maximise efficiency of picking and packing will be the difference in success and failure for many businesses.

Pallet racking systems are the traditional solution for large scale warehouse storage, and for good reason; efficient, practical, affordable and flexible. Reconfiguration of existing pallet racking and shelving systems and a range of semi automated options will enable businesses to make themselves competitive in ecommerce markets with products designed to suit the latest requirements of the industry.

How then to improve e-commerce warehouse capacity?

It's the nature of e-commerce that demands on a warehouse change quickly. Increased storage is required within months or sometimes weeks. Pallet racking systems are so versatile that often a reconfiguration of the current system will result in significantly increased storage capacity, whilst consuming the least amount of time and money.

Ecommerce Warehouse Layout

The benefits of reviewing and reconfiguring your warehouse storage

Where a system has been configured to maximum effect, a review and a consultation with a racking solution specialist will make all the difference. Finding the best system to suit the specific requirements of the warehouse or area in which the storage is being used is key to your improved efficiency. Wide and narrow aisle racking, drive-in or pull-out system, Hi280 shelving with carton flow or long span shelving, all systems have optimal benefits for efficient storage when used intelligently and in the interest of the distribution process.

Semi Automated Pallet Racking Systems

Although a fully automated system has its perks, conventional pallet racking systems have the advantage of being cost effective and offering all important flexibility. With so much eCommerce budget being spent on websites and transport, storage solutions needs to be cost-effective and reliable. Reconfiguration of existing solutions and well planned additions will abate the need to invest in a completely new system. It is here that a Semi Automated Pallet Racking, when understood can be implemented to best effect.

Ways to make sure your e-commerce warehouse storage solutions are ready

Increase picking rates by using...

Optimise your Pallet Racking System with...

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking – unrestricted access to all pallets and suitable for all types of storage needs

Drive-In or Pallet Shuttle – ideal if you're storing large quantities of the same type of goods

Pallet Flow – ideal for stock-rotation challenges without automation

Mobile Pallet Racking – Saving up to 40% of the space needed by wide-aisle pallet racking

What next?

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